Adopting kittens from the shelter: tips

If you choose a cat as a pet, you have several options. One of them is adopting kittens from the shelter - there are a few things you should be aware of. Many kittens in the shelter are waiting for a master or owner - Image: Shutterstock / absolutimages

First of all: Of course, there are also many adult velvet paws waiting in the shelter for a new home. Especially in spring there are more and more kittens that you can adopt from the shelter. Because if the cat owners didn't even notice that your four-legged friend was pregnant, you suddenly have a litter of little kittens at home. Your only way out: you give them to the animal shelter and hope that you will find such a loving home.

Important information about kittens from the animal shelter

Basically, the same rules apply to kittens from the animal shelter as to adult velvet paws: Pay attention to the seriousness of the home. Points such as cleanliness, dealing with the animals and also the topic of protective fees are important. The most important vaccinations should have been made depending on the age of the kitten.

Adopt small cats: you should pay attention to this

Adopting kittens from the animal shelter also has advantages over the admission of adult animals from the home: With grown-up four-legged friends, it is sometimes difficult to assess what they have had to go through in their previous lives - and above all how this affects theirs Character affects. Of course, there is no such risk in small kittens.

If you opt for a small house tiger - or maybe several - you shouldn't just go by external criteria. When choosing the kittens, you should pay attention to the character: does the velvet paw appear calm or lively, apathetic or cuddly?

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An important point should also be the age: young kittens should not be separated from their mother before the 12th week of life. If, for example, the mother animal has already died, this deadline cannot of course be met. One possibility here would be to adopt two youngsters at once. So the two do not feel so lonely in their new home and settle in faster.